Francophonika - Workshops

Participative musical atelier

The idea behind the workshops is to produce sound and visual material that will be remixed during a public performance. During 3 hours, children are then introduced to different and unique disciplines such as Breakdance, Rap, Beatboxing and Digital Graffiti. At the end of each workshop, helped by digital tools, the participants are invited to record the material they have learnt, in recording booths designed specifically for this purpose.


There are four different hip-hop/digital workshops:


Suitable for all ages
Duration: 3 to 5 days


Human Beatbox : Yannick Guégan ou Gaspard Herblot
RAP/MC : Gaspard Herblot ou Yannick Guégan
Breakdance : BBoy Cali
Motion graff : Mathilde Guégan ou Julien Francoeur

Human Beatbox

Human Beatbox is the art of producing percussive sounds with the mouth. During the workshop, the participants will learn how to make a few basic sounds used in this discipline. They will then be able to record these sounds using an iPad. On the iPad, the participants will find a gallery of sounds produced by other people. The goal is to replace all of them to become part of the creative mosaic of Francophonika and appear in the final composition at the end.

Motion Graffiti

The children are initiated to the techniques of graffiti but with a twist! In this case, they will be using an infrared bomb on a video projection screen just like making graffiti on a wall. The participants are then asked to customise the videos produced during the breakdance workshop (it’s the same as on Snapchat), in order to make dynamic and unique images that will be presented later at the event.


For this activity, children will write their lyrics. Then, as in a real recording studio, they will be able to arrange their lyrics to a certain rhythm. These compositions will then be mixed with the other ones and edited together during the performance.


With the help of a professional dancer, the participants learn several choreographies. They will be filmed in a real video studio, in order to make a clip and add a few visual effects. The final result will be shown at the event.