Francophonika - Street

Participative musical performance

Francophonika is a participative musical show that uses sound, text and video material produced by the audience before the show within automated digital installations.

This project is first and foremost an original way of dealing with cultural diversity while creating a bond between the participants.

Throughout this interactive electro-hip-hop concert, the audience’s sound productions will be mixed and remixed by a beatmaker, a DJ and an MC for an unforgettable participative experience.

The 4 digital installations

Video Looper orchestra

The Video Looper Orchestra is an application that allows one to reproduce sounds proposed by other citizens in order to enter the creative mosaic of Francophonika. Three booths are available.

MC Maton

The spectator is invited to enter a booth that talks to him and will have to create or repeat short phrases in rhythm. All these elements will be put together later by the DJ during the concert.


The participants are filmed while repeating several choreographies. The final edit is then shown during the performance, in the form of a video clip.

Motion Graff

The motion graff is an initiation to the techniques of graffiti allowing one to customize a video by using an infrared bomb on a video projection screen, it is as easy as making graffiti on a wall.


all public
Duration : 3h30
show: 30 mins
digital animations: 3 hours


Staging: Yannick Guégan
Beatmaking : DJ Derf
Djaying : DJ Cali
MC : Magda Desruisseaux
Comedian and beatboxer : Yannick Guégan ou Gaspard Herblot
Light control and creation : Christian François
Digital artists :
Vidéo Looper Orchestra : Fabien Monchartre et Edwin Joassart
Mc Maton : Yacine Sebti et  Xavier Meeus
Production : Adktrash asbl, avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, service Pluridisciplinaire, l’OIF et le WBI
Partners: La Maison de la création, la Fabrique de théâtre, la MC Ath (Le CAR), le théâtre des Doms, le théâtre Varia, Pierre de Lune, le centre culturel d’Evere, l’espace Senghor, La Roseraie, La SACD, la compagnie des nouveaux disparus, La Ville de Mireval