Hippocampus under stress 2.0

This show combines theatre and technological devices

Yaël Plouarmel is a “mnemonist”. A memory specialist, he uses new technologies to treat his patients. Through his show, he invites the audience to discover the complexmechanisms of memory and to test its limits.

One thing leading to another, Yaël goes back to school, to the time when he struggled to learn, convinced that his memory was atrophied and defective. If today he knows the complex mechanisms of memorization, in the past he was unable to memorize a single lesson.

From school setbacks to crossroads, and cheating, Yaël share his journey full of pitfalls, at the end of which he will find his way, notably thanks to the intelligent use of new technologies.

Halfway between a lecture and a confession, this is a sweet and humorous story that intertwines the threads of life and science as well as adressing real issues about the use of digital tools at school and in everyday life.

Informations générales

Young public
Duration : 50 mins


Writer and Staging : Yannick Guégan
Performer: Aurélie Namur et Yannick Guégan
Light control : Christian François
Production : AdkTrash ASBL, avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, service   pluridisciplinaire.
Co-production : Pierre de Lune
Partners : Le CC d’Evere, La Maison de la création, EKLA, La ville de Mireval, le Hangar, le théâtre de Liège.