Shows and Performances

The company’s artistic identity is not only in constant evolution but also deeply rooted in urban cultures by reinventing codes and mixing genres. 

The company creates contemporary shows perfectly integrated in the 2.0 mutation. It connects the old and the new in order to create intergenerational bridges and to raise awareness of a possible digital split within society.

Street Shows

Francophonika - Streets

 Participative Show

One is invited to go through the digital installations to record sound and visual material (texts, expressions, dialects, mouth sounds) that will be remixed later during in the show.

Shows - young public

The Hippocampus under stress 2.0

Show – Young Public

Yaël Plouarmel is a “mnemonist”, a memory specialist. He uses new technologies to explore the mechanisms of memory and to treat his patients.

Beatbox Story

Show – Young Public

Beatbox Story narrates the incredible musical history of the the art of vocal percussion also called “human beatboxing” with a subtle blend of performance and the use of new technologies.


Show – Young Public

Francophonika is a participative musical show that uses sound, text and video material produced by the audience before the show within automated digital installations.

Francophonika - Ateliers

Urban arts workshops

The youth are introduced to the various disciplines of hip hop: Breakdance, Rap, Beatboxing and Digital Graffiti. Later during the activity, they will be able to record the material they have discovered in designed booths. The result will be presented during the final performance.