Augmented Reality Hip hop workshops

Breakdance 2.0

Description : With the help of a professional dancer, the children will learn various choreographies during which they will be recorded in a video studio.
Later, these footages will be edited into video clips and visual effects  will be added. The participants will be able to download the clips and share them with their surroundings.

Rap & MCing 2.0

Description : In this workshop, the children are invited to write texts. Just like in a real recording studio, they will be able to set their texts on a rhythm through an application.

The children will have the chance to  leave with their own composition  and they will be able to share it with their friends online.

Human Beatbox and sound loop

Description :

For this activity, the kids will use ” the Beatbox Looper application”  on a tablet provided for this purpose. This application will allow them to record themselves and overlay their voices to create complex musical pieces.

DJing & VJing

Description :

DJs and VJs are at the heart of the musical and festive practices of hip-hop and electronic cultures. These workshops aim to introduce young people to multi-track music mixing as well as to the manipulation and real-time processing of images and sounds. Together they will create an original multimedia performance that mixes music and video

Motion Graffiti

Description : The participants  are initiated to the techniques of graffiti
but with a twist! In this case, they will be using an infrared bomb on a video
projection screen just like making graffiti on a wall. 

Then, they will be able to make a real animated film by drawing each image one after the other, and customise an existing video.

Light Painting

Description : “Long light exposure photography”  is a process that allows one to take a picture for a long period of time to observe the light and movements changes  during that moment. It is an unique way to create extraordinary visuals. The participants will have the opportunity to create their “light signature”, if they have a team spirit they can create a light fresco in a group.