Digital Course

An Introduction to programmation

Since the birth of the company, many workshops have been made in juvenile prisons as well as in schools and youth centres. Whether the teenagers are complete novices or have already been initiated to computer programming. Through playful, visual and concrete means, these workshops will give to the participants the necessary tools to learn the bases of coding.

Makey Makey

Creation of electronic musical instruments

Description : A Makey Makey card allows any object to become a sound, light and image controller. The goal of this activity is to create digital musical instruments from recycled materials.

Robot Lego

The robots are ready to take over Mars

Description : In this activity, the teens will be able to animate their Lego creations to make a short movie about the conquest of Mars by robots !

Robot Cue

Robotic theater play

Description : In order to create a robotic play, the teens will have to learn a little about programming. Staging, script, acting, everything is to be programmed!

Robot Sphero

Jeux olympiques robotiques

Description : Through sports games such as an obstacle race or a luminous hockey field, the participants will discover the bases of programmation and they will experiment the use of sensors while also having a lot of fun !